DC-DC Converters (Power Modules) performance index test

Oct 25 , 2021

Standard test connection diagram is shown in Figure 1:


1) When the DC adjustable voltage power supply to DC-DC Converter 's input cable is long,pay attention to the effect of the cable resistance on the DC-DC Converter. When the input inductance impedence is too large, the ripple or the output voltage is unstable or even will be damaged due to the impedance mismatch. At this time, the input capacitance C1 can now be increased. If the abnormal phenomenon disappears or reduces,it can be judged that the input inductance impedence is too large.

2) When the input and output terminal current is large, the needle position should be tested due to the line -voltage drop.

3) The output capacitance C2 cannot exceed the maximum capacitance load value specified in the technical datasheet, otherwise the DC-DC Converter can not start normally.

4) The DC adjustable voltage stable power supply output current setting cannot be lower than the maximum input current of the DC-DC Converter.

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