DC-DC Converters are used in parallel

Dec 27 , 2021

DC-DC Converters are used in parallel

The parallel of DC-DC Converter has two aspects, one is to increase the output power, when two or more DC-DC power modules in parallel, requires the good current-sharing function between the DC-DC power module is good, the current-sharing mode cannot achieve only by parallel output terminal or uniform output voltage. Because DC-DC power module output impedance, temperature drift are different, will make the load unbalanced. This parallel operation requires this function of DC-DC power modules to achieve , such as our YPD600 series products.

The second is to increase the reliability of the power supply system, which we call redundant heat backup, as shown in Figure (Figure 9).The requirement of such parallel is that each DC-DC power module can separately provide 100% load current, so there is no requirement of current-sharing in parallel use, both provide current and are heat backup to each other. With a diode separation between two modules, the failure of one does not affect the use of the other. The diode in Fig. selects a low voltage drop Schottky diode according to the value of output voltage . The MOS tube with high power and low Rds (ON) can be used to replace the diode .First adjust each DC-DC power module to the load voltage to make the two as consistent as possible, and pay attention to the dynamic characteristics of the output, to prevent one DC-DC Converter that provides a smaller current when another DC-DC Converter fails or turns off ,not providing the full current in time to cause an instantaneous drop in the output voltage, and affect the entire system work.

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