Output voltage accuracy,Efficiency test,Isolation and withstand voltage test

Nov 09 , 2021

Output voltage accuracy

When the nominal input voltage, the rated output load,the percentage of difference between nominal output and rated output voltage and rated output voltage.

For example, our DC-DC power module WKD5-24S05, rated output voltage 5V, rated load current 1A, nominal input voltage 24V, tested output voltage is 5.01V, output voltage accuracy =

Efficiency test

When the nominal input voltage, the output full load, record input voltage and input current, output voltage and output current; Input power= input voltage x input current, output power= output voltage x output current, and the conversion efficiency is calculated according to formula (3)


Noted : Po-output power; Pi-input power.

Isolation and withstand voltage test

Set the test time, leakage current, test voltage and test voltage rise rate (less than 50% of the test voltage and gradually increase at≤500V / s); Short circuit connects all input pins and all output pins to DC-DC Converter, and connect the test terminal between the two points tested to meet the index requirements.

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