YBS5 Series of small size,4KVac high isolation AC/DC Converter

Jul 15 , 2021

YBS5 small volume AC/DC Converter is the standard series, the company's new power 5W, has the advantages of small size, high power density, wide input range,4Kvac high voltage isolation, widely used in communications, industrial control and automation, power automation, instrumentation and other fields.

YBS5 series AC/DC power module features
The standard shape: 50.8mm * 25.4mm * 15.2mm
The output power of 5W
Input voltage 85Vac ~305Vac
The intermittent mode, output short circuit protection, self recovery
The 4000Vac isolation voltage
The -25 ~95 DEG C working temperature of shell

The EMI Class A with EN55022 /Class B (bare metal) (recommended circuit)

EMC recommendation circuit

F1 selects 1A/300Vac's slow fuse, RT1 and RV1 are thermistors and varistors, respectively. The flow rate of the varistor shall be no less than 3KA, and the voltage is 500V to 650V.

The main functions of L1, L2, CY1, CY2 and CX1 are to filter the differential mode and common mode interference on the line. For this product, L1 takes 4.7 H and L2 takes the inductance of 2.2mH as the common mode inductance. CY1, CY2 take 1nF/400Vac, CX1 take 0.1 mu F/400Vac. C1 is a ceramic capacitor that removes high-frequency noise and the C2 is a high frequency, low resistance electrolytic capacitor.

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