NTP2415QN26W Industrial & Railway Non-Isolated DC-DC Converter |

Feb 17 , 2023

Designed for wide Input 9V-36V, Output 26V/11.5A Non-isolated DC/DC Converters, with features of typical 96% high efficiency and Quarter Brick package


Quarter Brick60.6mm×39.01mm×12.7mm

Wide Input Voltage9.0Vdc36.0Vdc

Input Under Voltage Threshold8.1Vdc8.9Vdc

Input Under Voltage Resume Point9.0Vdc10.0Vdc

Negative Logic Control0V to 1V turn on or CNT floating

Output Voltage Adjust Range: ±10% of the rated output voltage

High Efficiency up to 96% typ.

Output Short-circuit Protection,automatic recovery

Over Temperature Protection(OTP)

Operating Ambient Temperature -40 to +70

Operating Case Temperature:        -40℃ to +100℃

Maximum Load Current:11.5A

Warranty Period: 5-year

Applications: Telecom & Datacom ,Industry, and Rail transit &Railway application

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